Studio de la Mer - Seashell Encrusted Home Collection by Elizabeth DuVal
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Elizabeth DuVal of Studio de la Mer has created a unique line of seashell encrusted home accessories that convey a light, fanciful and nostalgic aestheticism. This extensive home collection is mainly influenced by historic seashell art such as sailors' valentines, 17th century Italian grottos and Victorian shellwork. With a characteristically delicate, undulating French Rococo line, these works take advantage of the natural curvaceousness and organic shape of seashells.

Don't be surprised if you are suddenly reminded of idyllic childhood vacations at the beach and the marvel of discovering precious treasures as you ran along the surf. The artwork of Studio de la Mer evokes memories of summer vacations by the sea, a simplicity of innocence and eras gone by. Happening upon one of these beautiful pieces is very like finding that special seashell in the sand.

Like ripples in the tide no two pieces are identical, but all have strong design elements that translate across many decorative styles. At home in an ocean side cottage, a lake house, or an urban dwelling these designs blend beautifully to complement many periods and home decorating tastes. Each piece is carefully hand-crafted in the United States with an assortment of natural seashells and quality materials.


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